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Heavy Duty Towing & Rotator Service

This is a picture of a tow truck.

Heavy duty towing is serious business that we are able to provide to you at Mesquite Tow Truck. We know that it calls for some pretty heavy-duty tools and equipment to be able to offer you this type of service but we are in business to help people. Another way for us to effectively help our customers is to also be able to offer them this type of service to help haul their buses, heavy work equipment, trailers, and other heavy-duty vehicles and equipment.

One of the largest vehicles is our rotator truck. This is something that we felt we had to invest in if we were going to be able to help more people in the area with their heavy-duty towing needs.

Rotator Tow Truck

Our rotator truck is a heavy-duty tow truck that also has a portable crane. This type of truck helps us handle the tough job of hauling away the wreckage, hauling and transporting industrial equipment, vehicle recovery and more. With our rotator truck, our drivers are capable of getting in and out of tight spaces that they wouldn't otherwise be able to get to without it.

We see our rotator truck as one of the most useful tow trucks. In many cases, when there is an accident, the roads have to be closed to accommodate the trucks entry to the scene. This is not the case with a rotator truck. It's much easier for us to move in and out of these spaces to successfully maneuver the truck. Our rotator truck enables us to be more efficient and limit the amount of time it takes to get your vehicle or equipment to where it needs to go.

Heavy-Duty Transport

You may be wondering whether or not what you have that needs to be transported is considered a medium-duty transport or heavy-duty. We’ll make it easier on you by letting you know that our heavy-duty transportation services include things like heavy equipment, motorhomes, trailers, commercial vehicles, rigs, and semi-trucks.

Just because you didn’t see what you are interested in having towed doesn’t mean that we can’t have it towed for you. Why not give us a call to find out for sure what we can tow for you. Our drivers are patient and will be able to safely and effectively address your heavy-duty towing needs.

Why Hire Mesquite Tow Truck

A better question to ask yourself is why wouldn’t you hire Mesquite Tow Truck when we are known for being able to offer heavy-duty towing. You may be nervous about getting your heavy vehicles and heavy equipment to where you would like for them to go. This is logical because they are no doubt very expensive and great care and attention should be given to them.

Our drivers are always careful when they transport anything! There is no exception just because it isn’t a heavy-duty transport. However, you can rest assured that your vehicle and equipment will safely make it to its final destination.

Mesquite, TX